Steps in Changing Your Car Tires

Changing a tire is a simple task which only requires the preparation and willpower to perform the task. The following are the guidelines to follow while changing a car tire.


When caught up in a flat tire situation simply don’t brake instantly but slowly and locate a safe and stable place to change the tire. The ground should be level to restrict the car from rolling while you are working. In case you are on the highway park the car far from the road and turn on the hazard lights. Apply the parking brake and leave the car in a parking position, always put the vehicle in reverse or first if it has a standard transmission. To be more cautious place a concrete object at the back and front tires.


The next step is to place the jack under near the tire frame you are intending to change; the jack should make contact with the metallic portion of the car frame. The jack is for supporting the car by firmly placing it on the underside part of the vehicle, it should be perpendicular to the ground. Turn the nuts counterclockwise to loosen and break the resistance after safely removing the hubcap. Use a wrench to turn the nuts while the wheel is on the ground to avoid the wrench from rattling. It may be difficult to break the lug nuts hence use your body weight. However, using body weight can strip the lug nuts since you cannot maintain full contact.


Pump the jack to lift the tire high enough and replace it with a spare. Maintain caution while lifting the tire to enhance the car is stable and the jack is not leaning but lifting straight up. In situations when the jack lifts at an angle or the car is unstable always lower the crank and fix the problem. It is a wise decision to use a small jack as a safety measure in case the normal jack has a failure. It is now safe to remove the nuts safely counterclockwise similarly to the lug nuts. Remove the flat tire and place it under the vehicle to avoid injury while working.


It is now safe to place the tire on the hub by carefully aligning the rim of the tire with the bolts then finally put the lug nuts. The stem of a doughnut tire should face outwards from the vehicle. Before tightening the wheel the nut tapered part should face the wheel as you tighten downwards. Tightening should be done by hands first until they are snug. The wrench is used again to tighten the nuts in a star pattern. They should be equally tight as you must give each nut a full turn. The force used to tighten the nuts should be low to avoid upsetting the crank.


The car can now be lowered safely without applying the whole weight on the tire and then tighten the nuts with a lot of force as there is no risk of the car falling. The old tire can be repaired or if it cannot be repaired it should be properly disposed of.